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                Welcome to nantong sibo pharmaceutical equipment technology co., LTD. Official website




                Cyber technology has mastered the customer's "mind". After producing the products that customers need, it has been well received by users, and many foreign enterprises are loyal users of cyber technology

                Nantong sibo pharmaceutical equipment technology co., LTD. Is a production and sales research and development: purification equipment, indoor purification workshop installation, stainless steel products, pharmaceutical machinery, plastic bags; Production and sales installation: lifting equipment. The main production of five series products: pharmaceutical machinery, stainless steel barrel, stainless steel clean doors and Windows, stainless steel non-standard products ...
                Professional research and development services for pharmaceutical companies. Compared with the enterprises in the same industry, cyber technology is focused on the pharmaceutical manufacturers and more understanding of the needs of pharmaceutical companies, providing professional equipment and Suggestions for pharmaceutical companies...


                Product advantage
                • Advantage

                  Biggest advantage is: alarm device, small and exquisite appearance, complete functions, and has function of clamping, ascending, flip), flexible...

                • Product variety

                  Production and sales: purification equipment, indoor purification workshop installation, stainless steel products, pharmaceutical machinery...

                • Quality supervision

                  With its excellent team, perfect r&d team, reliable production team and advanced processing center.

                • High brand value

                  The company has a wide range of brand value, which is widely recognized by customers and is widely dependent on customers.